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    WWF’s unprintable file format saves paper by keeping users from printing

    Posted on by gavril

    The nature lovers from WWF, the World Wildlife Fund seem tired of people who just won’t stop printing. Now we know that printing indirectly brings down trees, meaning lesser patches of green on the earth. So, WWF came up with … Continue reading3

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    WWF reaches out to answer all Queries on the Eve of COP15

    Posted on by madhuri

    The most important event of the year, Copenhagen Climate Change Summit has already begun and there are many earthlings who still are in dark about the entire climate change debate, Kyoto Protocol, role of their nation, green technology and all … Continue reading3

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    WWF Netherlands is world’s first zero carbon building

    Posted on by anoop

    The headquarters of the Netherlands chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature was completed in October 2006. It also happens to be one of the single most sustainable buildings created in recent years. This building is claimed to be … Continue reading3

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    Ongoing ecological credit crunch will force humans out to another planet!

    Posted on by deepa

    It is time to turn to another planet as our globe is facing the trial of being fiercely overpopulated. Overpopulation in turn is leading to disappearance of reserves and resources. In spite of all the attempts to save our earth … Continue reading3

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