• WWF’s unprintable file format saves paper by keeping users from printing

  • wwf-file-format.jpg The nature lovers from WWF, the World Wildlife Fund seem tired of people who just won’t stop printing. Now we know that printing indirectly brings down trees, meaning lesser patches of green on the earth. So, WWF came up with a novel way to keep those trees rooted in the soil. The organization came up with a new file format similar to a PDF, with a twist though. This one simply doesn’t print! No matter how hard you try, a file in the WWF format just won’t turn into a hardcopy. For now, the file format is only readable on the Mac. Windows users will have to wait a short while longer till they can use it too.

    If they could have the World Wrestling Federation change their name and come up with a file format like this one, besides saving the eco-system from a lot of potential harm, we’re pretty sure the WWF organization will help keep and bring in the green ahead.
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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