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    Toyota to Build A Prototype City Of The Future in Japan

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    Today at CES 2020, Toyota revealed plans to build a prototype city of the future on a 175-acre site at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Called the Woven City, it will be a fully connected ecosystem powered by … Continue reading3

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    Recycling, the finest way for a better future

    Posted on by gavril

    Green is in. Recycling is in. And if you still aren’t up to the environment conscious trend, here’s something you should read up on. On an average, a single individual dumps at least seven and a half times their body … Continue reading3

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    WWF reaches out to answer all Queries on the Eve of COP15

    Posted on by madhuri

    The most important event of the year, Copenhagen Climate Change Summit has already begun and there are many earthlings who still are in dark about the entire climate change debate, Kyoto Protocol, role of their nation, green technology and all … Continue reading3

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    Concealed Fibre Optics Cables will it Make Easier to Tap Solar Energy in Future

    Posted on by madhuri

    Much research is being conducted to make solar energy more commercially viable for sustainable future. In one research U.S scientists have created underground photovoltaic cells which are connected to fibre optics cable whose exposed ends can tap sunlight or any … Continue reading3

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    KLM Schedules First Bio-fuel Passenger Test Flight

    Posted on by madhuri

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will take an important sustainable aviation initiative by test flying a passenger flight partly on bio-fuel on 23 rd November. It will become first ever airlines in the world to fly a Boeing 747 on 50% … Continue reading3

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