• KLM Schedules First Bio-fuel Passenger Test Flight

  • klm bio fuel  test flight.jpg
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will take an important sustainable aviation initiative by test flying a passenger flight partly on bio-fuel on 23 rd November. It will become first ever airlines in the world to fly a Boeing 747 on 50% bio-fuel and 50% regular fuel that too with passengers on board. This is a very important bold step in making alternative fuels which are low on emission, a commercially viable option.

    KLM intends to use bio-fuel made from camellia crops which don’t need large quantities of water or fertilizers and they don’t affect food-crops. The big eco factor is it produces nearly 84 percent less emission than other jet fuel. Increasing air traffic and high carbon emission of these flights which are polluting the skies, have been a great environmental concern. Aviation sector has been exploring other bio-fuels and test flying without passengers but this passenger flight will make a greater impact. KLM will demonstrate a greener way to reach the skies!
    Via ecogeek