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    Rotterdam cyclists wait for lesser periods at red lights on rainy days

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    The Netherlands are leading by example when it comes to eco-friendly transport. However, the idea of abominable motorists sliding right into your cycling path is annoying and then again, there are times when it pours, making everything difficult. This is … Continue reading3

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    Netherlands welcomes home glowing highways in place of streetlights

    Posted on by gavril

    Whoever said streetlights are an indispensable means to road safety probably should have a look at what the folks over in Netherlands are up to. Instead of using electricity-hungry street lights, the Smart Highway project makes use of photo-luminescent stripes … Continue reading3

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    Ride a stationery bike to charge your phone at Amsterdam airport’s virtual indoor park

    Posted on by gavril

    Amsterdam’s Schipol airport has come up with a new way to keep its travelers in touch with nature, with its cutting-edge indoor garden that mixes realities to give an almost real-life-like park experience for those travelling through this airport. Complete … Continue reading3

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    Hotel suite built inside a recycled aircraft

    Posted on by gavril

    Spending a holiday in an airplane may sound outrageous to some, but then again, isn’t this a cool way to recycle old airplane shells? The guys in Netherlands had a brainwave and have converted a cold war aircraft into a … Continue reading3

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    WWF Netherlands is world’s first zero carbon building

    Posted on by anoop

    The headquarters of the Netherlands chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature was completed in October 2006. It also happens to be one of the single most sustainable buildings created in recent years. This building is claimed to be … Continue reading3

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    Netherlands researchers find way to recycle thermoset plastics

    Posted on by shilpa

    Recycling is now not a trend anymore, it is becoming a necessity. In the Netherlands, researchers have been working day and night to get some of the world’s main problems solved namely finding ways to convert non-recyclable thermoset plastics to … Continue reading3

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