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    ‘Freegans’ Promote ‘freeconomics’ and Recycling to Save Environment

    Posted on by madhuri

    ‘Freegans’ have become talk of the town in Bristol and elsewhere. They are people who promote alternate living strategies such as not being part of the capitalist and consumer oriented society. In a nutshell they shun the money oriented world … Continue reading3

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    Tata Indicom Launches Cellphones that can Remotely Operate Irrigation Pumps via SMS in India

    Posted on by madhuri

    The launch of new Tata Indicom cellphones which can remotely operate irrigation pumps via sms is very good news for Indian farmers. Anyone who has travelled within India probably must have noticed vast farmlands stretching to the horizon dotted with … Continue reading3

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    Ongoing ecological credit crunch will force humans out to another planet!

    Posted on by deepa

    It is time to turn to another planet as our globe is facing the trial of being fiercely overpopulated. Overpopulation in turn is leading to disappearance of reserves and resources. In spite of all the attempts to save our earth … Continue reading3

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