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    University of Leicester unveils environment-friendly and eco-conscious super computer

    Posted on by gavril

    The University of Leicester has finally realized the need for some green in their computer systems and has spent a whopping $3.3 million on upgrades for the same. The University has recently adopted a clean, green environment-friendly and eco-conscious super … Continue reading3

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    Will ‘Smart Fridges’ Redeem Themselves Using Green Technology?

    Posted on by madhuri

    Refrigerators and air conditioners have always been seen as main culprit for depletion of ozone layer and energy consumption. But with green technology now things may change, fridges have already become “smart fridges” by cutting down power use of freezers … Continue reading3

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    ‘Freegans’ Promote ‘freeconomics’ and Recycling to Save Environment

    Posted on by madhuri

    ‘Freegans’ have become talk of the town in Bristol and elsewhere. They are people who promote alternate living strategies such as not being part of the capitalist and consumer oriented society. In a nutshell they shun the money oriented world … Continue reading3

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    Forwarding Dallas Green Design Wins Competition for Building Eco-Sustainable Community in Dallas

    Posted on by madhuri

    Dallas is going green in a total planned way. Recently a competition was held to redesign a rundown block in downtown Dallas and among all the architects, designers who submitted their plans, Forwarding Dallas, a Portuguese based architectural firm was … Continue reading3

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    GoodGuide Launches iPhone App That Scans Green Products

    Posted on by madhuri

    Eco-conscious consumers can now scan products with their iPhone to add green products to their shopping carts. GoodGuide has created a iPhone application which can scan and read bar codes of the various products. It has become so easy, just … Continue reading3

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