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    Japan installs the world’s largest floating wind turbine

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    While many vouch for wind energy, the problem with deploying windmills is that they are difficult to port, make a lot of sound and need a lot of place. In a country like Japan that is ravaged by constant natural … Continue reading3

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    Denmark harnesses 140% of its energy from wind farms!

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    There’s something to look forward to from windy days, especially if you’re from Denmark. On July 9th, the nation experience strong winds and voila, they were glad in the days to come. How so, you may ask. Denmark have invested … Continue reading3

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    Bladeless wind-turbine could save costs, generate energy moderately

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    With the world’s increasing focus on sustainable energy options, energy harvesters are sharpening their focus on wind energy. This may be among the cleanest modes of power-generation but can also be impractical and expensive most of the time. A lot … Continue reading3

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    Wind Energy Goes Micro, with the Mini Turbine

    Posted on by iona

    British designed and made micro turbine, the Urbine, looks set to take off. Ecotricity, Britain’s first green energy company, has turned towards micro wind turbines after the poor design and performance of regular wind turbines has threatened the future of … Continue reading3

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    Chanel lines Paris Fashion Week runway with wind turbines

    Posted on by gavril

    Fashion does not necessarily been an energy-sucking extravaganza. At the recent Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week, Chanel chief Karl Lagerfeld had his runway lined with mini-wind turbines. These took the crowds at the Grand Palais in Paris by surprise, with … Continue reading3

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    COP15: Norway Unveils Energy-Efficient Sea Facing Office Building Design

    Posted on by madhuri

    Well, Copenhagen Summit is throwing up lot of surprises but the only gloom lifting ones are the new green designs and products that are being unveiled while the debate rages on. Norway for instance has unveiled a complete energy-efficient office … Continue reading3

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    Forwarding Dallas Green Design Wins Competition for Building Eco-Sustainable Community in Dallas

    Posted on by madhuri

    Dallas is going green in a total planned way. Recently a competition was held to redesign a rundown block in downtown Dallas and among all the architects, designers who submitted their plans, Forwarding Dallas, a Portuguese based architectural firm was … Continue reading3

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    Furturistic Redesigned Green Electric Lamborghini Countach EV

    Posted on by madhuri

    Designer Flavio Adriani calls his new creation a tribute to Countach Lamborghini by Marcello Gandhi since the design is inspired by it and is essentially a redesigned electric version of the car. This redesigned version looks extremely elegant and luxurious, … Continue reading3

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