• Furturistic Redesigned Green Electric Lamborghini Countach EV

  • tribute-countach-electric version1 .jpg
    Designer Flavio Adriani calls his new creation a tribute to Countach Lamborghini by Marcello Gandhi since the design is inspired by it and is essentially a redesigned electric version of the car. This redesigned version looks extremely elegant and luxurious, so it is kind of reassuring for luxury brand fans that ‘green’ version of cars and accessories will definitely not be drab and boring. The concept design is awesome because it integrates all solar panel, wind turbine and batteries. Integrating alternate energy sources seems to be the best way ahead to convert the world into greener one.

    tribute-countach-electric version2.jpg
    Electric versions of vehicles are definitely futuristic not just because of new technology but because we must brace ourselves for the times of fuel crisis. Hope electric vehicles will become trendy for all and there would be whole range of them from luxurious versions to regular versions. And as far as fuel crisis is concerned, the scary future is almost at the door step. More than fuel we are running out of clean air to breathe and are feeling heat of climate change. It is time to switch over to ‘green’ electric transport to reduce carbon foot print and fuel dependency.
    Via Tuvie