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    The world’s largest solar thermal power plant generates energy for the first time

    Posted on by gavril

    Solar power has long been predicted to be the next best way to power up the world, a replacement for fossil fuels being used today. Now, the world has taken a step further towards its solar-juiced-dreams, with the opening of … Continue reading3

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    GE engine powers up using cow manure to juice the Ukraine Milk Company

    Posted on by gavril

    Cow droppings can turn nasty, taken the smell and mess they tend to make. Well, imagine what would happen with 4,000 cows doing the same. World annihilation? I think not! Manure from 4,000 cows actually powers up the Ukraine Milk … Continue reading3

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    Ivy, the dreaded creepers protect your home from thermal heat and pollution

    Posted on by gavril

    Want a beautiful green home, so green that Tarzan wouldn’t mind living in it? Simply use nature’s thermal shield on the exterior walls of your home! And by that, we’re talking about ivy creepers! Now ivy growing on the walls … Continue reading3

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    The Skate drone, powered with thermal and solar energy

    Posted on by gavril

    Powering up drones for longer journeys has remained a matter of concern before. However, this may soon be easier, with technology being developed by Aurora Flight Sciences, which has been awarded a contract by the Pentagon for the project. The … Continue reading3

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    Thermodynamic cooler helps to store perishable food items

    Posted on by Shruti Shree

    With increasing technology new products come into the market everyday, the thermodynamic cooler is one among the latest inventions. This cooler designed by Rochus Jacob, works on the basic technology of transfer and optimization used mainly in emerging countries for … Continue reading3

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    China to experiment solar thermal energy plant

    Posted on by shilpa

    Construction these days come in such amusing designs that you are tempted to buy a copy of Ayn Rand’s Fountain Head and be inspired firmly to be an architect. A 1.5 MW solar thermal power plant, Dahan, is being planned … Continue reading3

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