• GE engine powers up using cow manure to juice the Ukraine Milk Company

  • 2.jpgCow droppings can turn nasty, taken the smell and mess they tend to make. Well, imagine what would happen with 4,000 cows doing the same. World annihilation? I think not! Manure from 4,000 cows actually powers up the Ukraine Milk Company, making the highly useful animal, a lot more productive. The manure and a GE biogas engine together power up this factory that produces milk for baby nutrition products. The CHP (combined heat and power) plant, the first of its kind in Ukraine, has been doing the job or 9 months now, producing of 625 kW of electricity and 686 kW of thermal output.

    Besides this, GE is also building the world’s largest cow manure-powered biogas project at Liaoning Huishan Cow Farm in China, while currently powering up Beijing’s Deqingyuan Chicken Farm using the same. The firm sure takes cow-manure seriously.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on July 16, 2010