• Thermodynamic cooler helps to store perishable food items

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    With increasing technology new products come into the market everyday, the thermodynamic cooler is one among the latest inventions. This cooler designed by Rochus Jacob, works on the basic technology of transfer and optimization used mainly in emerging countries for a high-tech kitchen. The purpose of this technology is to preserve food by the cooling effect of evaporating water without using electricity. The system is designed for storage purposes and can be used as an alternative for a pantry, second fridge or an advanced fruit bowl. This design will help reduce domestic energy consumption without compromising on luxury.This cooler consists of two pots, the space between the two pots is filled with wet glass-foam.

    The inner clay pot, is covered with a damp cloth that is stretched over the lid. When the water in the glass-foam between the two pots starts evaporating it causes a drop in temperature of several degrees, cooling the inner clay pot, destroying harmful micro-organisms and preserving the perishable foods inside. The only thing required by the customer is to keep the cooling process active by adding water in a couple of days.

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