• The Skate drone, powered with thermal and solar energy

  • Skate-drone.jpg
    Powering up drones for longer journeys has remained a matter of concern before. However, this may soon be easier, with technology being developed by Aurora Flight Sciences, which has been awarded a contract by the Pentagon for the project. The firm is currently developing a drone platform known as the Skate which you can unfold out of a backpack (easily portable) and launch instantly for navigation.

    To power this up, lithium batteries incorporated in the wings with solar panels on the top and infrared photovoltaic cells for night-time recharging on the lower panel will soak in the sun’s energy. Solar energy will satisfy 95% of the Skate’s power needs. The remaining 5% will be powered by thermal energy. The company also plans to integrate a navigation system similar to the sonar systems bats use. When developed, these drones will help navigation technology with a push forward.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 13, 2010