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    New Silent Electric Eco Buses Rolled Out in New York

    Posted on by madhuri

    New Yorkers it seems are divided in opinion about new line of electric buses that have been introduced in the city. But the new fleet of silent electric buses which will grow in numbers in next couple of years will … Continue reading3

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    Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Britain’s Industrial Town Becomes Country’s Greenest City

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    People of Newcastle have proved it that economic prosperity and heavy industry should be of no hindrance to make one’s city green and sustainable. Newcastle-upon-Tyne came as a surprise winner this year as it claimed top spot as greenest city … Continue reading3

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    Decentralized Solar Powered Parking Design for Urban Spaces

    Posted on by madhuri

    Let’s face the truth – our urban parking spaces are choked up because of sheer increase in number of private vehicles. There is also a dearth of eco parking space in almost all modern cities. A new decentralized parking design … Continue reading3

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    Eco2 Widget to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Posted on by madhuri

    In the modern techno savvy world maybe we really need widgets to guide and monitor our habits – right from our daily calorie intake to carbon consumption. This is what precisely designers Jinok Kim and Sanghee Ryu seem to have … Continue reading3

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    Sainsbury’s Gives Londoners Electric Car Recharge Points in Their Stores

    Posted on by madhuri

    Sainsbury’s has pulled a green coup of a sort in London. Supermarket giant has installed free electric car recharge points in 11 of its stores across London. Shoppers will be able to recharge their car in the store car parks … Continue reading3

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