• Eco2 Widget to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • eco widget carbon1.jpg
    In the modern techno savvy world maybe we really need widgets to guide and monitor our habits – right from our daily calorie intake to carbon consumption. This is what precisely designers Jinok Kim and Sanghee Ryu seem to have in mind for creating this Eco2 widget. Eco2 widget is an application for mobile and desktop to monitor our carbon footprints. It calculates and informs you about how your lifestyle, the mode of transport you use or your shopping affects the environment. It does seem like a cool wicked widget which will constantly remind you to opt for green transport and products.

    eco widget carbon2.jpg
    Eco2 calculates points, gives credit and incentives depending upon your green choices. It also informs and recommends proper green option that leaves less carbon footprint. In short this widget will ensure and dictate some subtle but important changes in your lifestyle for the green cause. We all need to put at least this effort at individual level of making informed green choices to save future of our children and the earth.
    Via YankoDesign