• New Silent Electric Eco Buses Rolled Out in New York

  • Silent Electric buses New york.jpg
    New Yorkers it seems are divided in opinion about new line of electric buses that have been introduced in the city. But the new fleet of silent electric buses which will grow in numbers in next couple of years will eventually silent the skeptics too because that’s what most of congested modern cities need – a clean green public transport and a quiet ride home. The new DesignLine buses have been fitted with turbines which charge lithium-ion battery and there is no internal combustion that creates usual noise. It has 37 comfortable seats and it is only the streets that make the ride bumpy and long.

    The LED lights inside the bus make it only greener. Public transports are undergoing makeover in all major cities and now New York has joined the league of London. Hope more and more New Yorkers will opt for a quiet ride home in these new buses and it will clear up city’s noise and air pollution as well as the traffic due to taxis and private vehicles. We desperately need a silent green ride in the tumultuous times of climate change debate and impending fuel crisis.