• Sainsbury’s Gives Londoners Electric Car Recharge Points in Their Stores

  • Sainsbury recharge point london.jpg
    Sainsbury’s has pulled a green coup of a sort in London. Supermarket giant has installed free electric car recharge points in 11 of its stores across London. Shoppers will be able to recharge their car in the store car parks while they shop. This is a brilliant idea to attract shoppers with electric cars and also encourage people to buy electric vehicles by taking care of their charging woes. Unless big cities across globe install such recharge network for electric vehicles people will be hesitant to switchover to green transport. No one would want to risk running out of charge while on a long freewheeling drive.

    Unless business houses step in and augment governments plans it will not be possible to switch over to green living. Sainsbury’s has set an exemplary example by making this move. This is a good business strategy to get customers and car their cars in to the Sainsbury stores parking lot and stores as well this move can be seen as an CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for green cause. Ofcourse this is not the first ecofriendly move by the supermarket gaint. It was in news for incorporating other innovative green features too.
    Via Businessgreen