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    PepsiCo introduces five fully recyclable and compostable cups

    Posted on by gavril

    With garbage piles forever increasing, companies around the globe are looking for greener alternatives to their products. We’ve had green cups come by from Starbucks before. PepsiCo, in yet another green initiative, has five recyclable and compostable cups on offer … Continue reading3

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    PepsiCo’s recyclable bottles to use 100% plant materials

    Posted on by gavril

    Good news vegans! You can now bite into your Pepsi bottle and not suffer from a stomach ache! The company has decided to have its bottles completely made from plants. And no, they can’t really be bitten into, though that’d … Continue reading3

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    Washington D.C. to have 363 PepsiCo Dream Machines swallowing up empty cans and bottles

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve heard of PepsiCo’s Dream Machines before. These machines swallow old cans and bottles and pop out some pretty interesting rewards, ensuring that consumers dispose of empty soft-drink containers in the right way. Now PepsiCo has joined hands with the … Continue reading3

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    PepsiCo plans to have zero carbon footprint by 2023

    Posted on by gavril

    PepsiCo is sure planning for a green future up ahead and is busy drawing out strategies for the same. The company has come up with some pretty good ways to conserve water, save energy and reduce the amount of waste … Continue reading3

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    Pepsi’s recycling machine gives little goodies for every bottle or can recycled

    Posted on by gavril

    This is not just a recycling bin. It really is a Dream Machine. By PepsiCo, these machines will be installed around southern California. 3,000 of them in all will be set up. In an exchange for goodies, the machine gobbles … Continue reading3

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    Intel and Pepsico top the EPA lists for Green Power Purchases

    Posted on by anoop

    Intel, PepsiCo and Whole Foods Market ranked Nos. 1, 2 and 3, respectively, on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list of top green power purchasers among the Fortune 500. This was released in the report last month. The report is … Continue reading3

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    PepsiCo’s first Green plant in China will help to save water and energy

    Posted on by deepa

    Competition is a must for every business. And this holds true for the cola giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi too. It’s not only the race to deliver the best taste but also the need to go green that is worth a … Continue reading3

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