• PepsiCo plans to have zero carbon footprint by 2023

  • PepsiCo.jpg PepsiCo is sure planning for a green future up ahead and is busy drawing out strategies for the same. The company has come up with some pretty good ways to conserve water, save energy and reduce the amount of waste that ultimately lands up in the landfill. That’s not all. PepsiCo is also now working on having all its product packaging renewable, recyclable or bio-degradable. According to company president Richard Evans, PepsiCo has reduced total energy consumption by 7.3 percent, landfill waste by 88 percent and water use by 14.6 percent! All that with a 15% growth in business in the last two years and a reduction of carbon footprint by a sweet 3.7%

    These numbers might seem small, but taken the scale at which PepsiCo operates, it sure makes a huge difference to our environment. Great work PepsiCo, we hope to see a lot more green in future!

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