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    Are new models greener? How to make your car more eco-friendly

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    We all know that cars aren’t exactly kind to the environment, which is why it’s normally the first place we look to change when we’re trying to make our lifestyle a little bit greener. For most of us, the answer … Continue reading3

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    6 Easy Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Funeral

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    Those who want to reduce their carbon footprint after they die can plan a green funeral that is eco-friendly. More so now than ever before, people are becoming concerned with the impact that common funeral practices have on the planet. … Continue reading3

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    Eco-friendly LEED-Gold certified Terminal 2 swings doors open at San Francisco Airport

    Posted on by gavril

    It’s been 57 glorious years since the first commuter stepped through the Terminal 2(T2) at the San Francisco International Airport. Now, nearly six decades after it was first opened for public use, the Terminal gets its first touch of green, … Continue reading3

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    EcoLux Flooring – Sustainable floor gets a gilded makeover

    Posted on by kamakshi

    Wooden floors are high on maintenance and need to be replaced occasionally. If you are looking for more viable options, then let Boston-based Company EcoModern Design show you how to make the flooring of your house both classy and sustainable … Continue reading3

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    Koenigsegg Quant electric car with green technology

    Posted on by shilpa

    Since the Geneva Motor Show is in full swing, watch out for lots of green vehicles on Greenlaunches over the next few days. Starting is this cool concept by Swedish Koenigsegg’s concept of a four-seater electric car. The Koenigsegg Quant … Continue reading3

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    Electrolux offers eco-friendly products to Antarctica’s research station

    Posted on by shilpa

    In Antarctica last month a zero-emission research station was open called the Princess Elisabeth station. For the comfort of the researches living there, electronics giant Electrolux offered to provide them with energy and water efficient home appliances to go hand … Continue reading3

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    Acqua Liana – A $29 million mansion stands out for eco-friendly opulence

    Posted on by deepa

    Myth – Luxury and eco-friendly tend to move in opposite directions. Fact – Acqua Liana, a $29 million eco-friendly mansion dares to break the myth as luxury and eco-friendly blend together in harmony under this green mansion’s roof. Though the … Continue reading3

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    Eco-friendly Handy Heart Eco Warmer to beat the heat!

    Posted on by deepa

    It’s about 2 months before you need to bring your attention to red hearts for Valentine’s Day. However I couldn’t stop myself from bringing this ‘green’ Handy Heart Eco Warmer to your attention. Coming from Japan, this hot heart helps … Continue reading3

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