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    NASA’s warnings of Antarctica melting will prove true, after 300,000 years

    Posted on by gavril

    If you do survive for the next 300,000, you better learn to swim. The guys at NASA have looked into their crystal ball once again and have predicted the rising of the sea level globally by 197 feet. According to … Continue reading3

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    World’s southern-most wind farm opens up at Antarctica

    Posted on by gavril

    Go down south of the globe and you’ll come across what has come to be known as the world’s southern-most wind farm. Antarctica as we know it is a barren continent with loads of ice everywhere and barely any life. … Continue reading3

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    Electrolux offers eco-friendly products to Antarctica’s research station

    Posted on by shilpa

    In Antarctica last month a zero-emission research station was open called the Princess Elisabeth station. For the comfort of the researches living there, electronics giant Electrolux offered to provide them with energy and water efficient home appliances to go hand … Continue reading3

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    Antarctica’s most eco-friendly station powered by renewable energy

    Posted on by deepa

    Finally the Earth’s southern most continent can boast of green, clean energy. Eight wind turbines are rolling to provide 230V of electricity to charge up the Princess Elisabeth Station. Braving temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius and 200mph wind … Continue reading3

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