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    First solar-powered car from UAE uncovered in Dubai

    Posted on by gavril

    UAE is known to earn its bread and butter from oil. It’s only natural for us to pop open our mouths in surprise when these entrepreneurs of the fossil-fuel industry begin switching over to greener alternative energy sources. Just recently, … Continue reading3

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    Federal National Council’s green building complex in UAE

    Posted on by gavril

    And so, after loads of entries pouring in, eager to design the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Federal National Council’s (FNC) New Parliament Building Complex, Ehrlich Architects, a Los Angeles based design firm has finally won the grand honor. The competition … Continue reading3

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    The design of MASDAR Center revealed

    Posted on by anoop

    A design based on sun-flowers that will provide shade that moves during the day, store heat which will then close and release the heat during the night is the main designed that was revealed for the MASDAR Center which is … Continue reading3

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    UAE solar power capable of outdoing US and Europe

    Posted on by anoop

    The solar power in UAE has the capability of outdoing US and European targets of producing 20 to 30 percent of renewable energy by 2020. This is mainly because of the large revenues from high oil prices, trade and tourism … Continue reading3

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    Interactive, solar-powered bus stop design for Florence

    Posted on by shilpa

    To beat the heat, the UAE government introduced the air conditioned bus stops a few years ago. The city of Florence will now jump a leap higher when they introduce the EyeStop interactive, solar-powered bus stop. MIT architects and engineers … Continue reading3

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