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    Solar powered toilets to surface in Dubai

    Posted on by gavril

    There’s been green flowing out of UAE time and again. Dubai’s done it again, this time with solar-powered places to pee. Soon, solar energy will be used to power up new public toilets in Dubai, generating energy from the sun … Continue reading3

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    Roca’s W+W toilet-sink combo helps to reduce water consumption

    Posted on by shvveta

    Beauty and brains is hard to come by these days. But with Rico’s Washbasin and Watercloset (W+W) combo, the fantasies come alive. This fancy multi-tasking toilet-sink combination is not just compact and perfect for your small apartment bathroom, but its … Continue reading3

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    World Toilet Summit aims to flush out sanitation issues without wasting water

    Posted on by deepa

    Most of us answer the nature’s call without given a second thought to the amount of water wasted in doing so. I am not suggesting that we stop or avoid relieving our bowels, but certainly we can pull ourselves up … Continue reading3

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