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    Solar panels for NASA’s Juno spacecraft complete final flight tests

    Posted on by gavril

    NASA is all set to send Juno hurtling into space to Jupiter. And no, we aren’t talking about the whining orange-juice-drinking pregnant teen. Juno’s a solar powered state-of-the-art spacecraft that NASA will soon send out to Jupiter in an attempt … Continue reading3

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    Japan’s space craft powered by solar sails

    Posted on by gavril

    Japan is all set to send out a craft in space, powered by solar power. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will launch the space yacht, using solar sails on 18th May. Accelerated by the sun’s radiation, the Interplanetary Kite-craft will … Continue reading3

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    Recycled urine for drinking on spacecrafts approved

    Posted on by shilpa

    In March there was a bit of disturbing news from space. No, there hasn’t been an alien attack and there isn’t going to be a war of the worlds, but NASA got a bit of credit crunch hit them as … Continue reading3

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