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    Powered by a laser, the Quadrocopter by LaserMotive flies for 12 hours setting records

    Posted on by gavril

    At times, the wind and the sun do decide to holiday and not show up. At times like these, all those solar and wind powered devices switch off or are plugged back into the grid. Well, you don’t need to … Continue reading3

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    UAVs powered by lasers developed by LaserMotive

    Posted on by gavril

    Unmanned aerial vehicles don’t usually stay up in the skies too long, taken that they have a short battery life. Well, with help from the sun, these vehicles can stay up a bit longer, like Qinetiq’s Zephyr that stayed up … Continue reading3

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    Recycling robot uses lasers and sensors to distinguish between plastics

    Posted on by gavril

    Now here’s a smart recycling robot that uses its laser eyes to sort plastic. Designed by IDEC, the Photonics Advanced Research Center, and Mitsubishi Electric Engineering, this robot was recently unveiled by Osaka University. Using its laser ‘eyes’ and sensors, … Continue reading3

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    Laser spark plugs on Ford’s high end cars by 2011

    Posted on by anoop

    To make your car more fuel efficient is one thing many car manufacturers are trying to do. Most of also would want that too because of the rising and unstable oil prices taking the fuel bill upto our neck most … Continue reading3

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    ESA’s A-SCOPE mission employs Lasers to check CO2 levels

    Posted on by deepa

    Yesterday we reported about the NASA’s move to keep a tab on the CO2 levels and today its time to cover the European Space Agency, a.k.a., ESA’s strategy to do the same. The Europeans are working on laser based technology … Continue reading3

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