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    Japanese researchers develop means to convert light into kinetic energy

    Posted on by gavril

    We just came across a technological breakthrough that would pretty much seem a fantasy and impossible a few decades ago. Converting light energy into kinetic energy hasn’t really been given too much of a thought before. Well, the researchers at … Continue reading3

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    A Japanese House from Tostem Housing that the takes eco-friendly concept to a new level

    Posted on by kamakshi

    Reducing your carbon footprint is not limited to merely eliminating carbon dioxide, but also means making it more robust and sustainable. How you ask? Well the Eyeful Home Company of Tostem Housing Institute Co Ltd in Japan has cracked that … Continue reading3

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    The Japanese to sleep an hour earlier and wake up earlier to reduce carbon emissions

    Posted on by gavril

    The Japanese have planned to go green and reduce their carbon footprints. And how are they planning to execute that? Not solar panels, not wind turbines, not electric cars or anything you’ve heard or read of before. They plan to … Continue reading3

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