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    Built by students, probably the world’s most efficient electric car delivers 300mpg

    Posted on by gavril

    Well this one just looked like a bit of plastic wrap around an F1 car. It’s a lot more than just that though. This could indeed be the world’s most efficient electric car! The see-thru, F1-style racer was built by … Continue reading3

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    MIT Lab Finds Way to Make Gadgets More Efficient by Tapping Waste Heat energy

    Posted on by madhuri

    Right from power plants to cars to cell phones much of coveted energy tapped from burning fossil fuels gets wasted as heat energy that is released from them all. MIT labs are working to tap this very heat energy and … Continue reading3

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    Go Solar with Armageddon’s Three Leafed Solar Clover for Rooftops!

    Posted on by madhuri

    Going Solar has been always easier said than done because of many logistics factors apart from its efficiency. They are mainly sheer magnitude and number of solar panels that would be needed to generate enough energy to run a household … Continue reading3

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