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    Bubble Chandelier, a work of art made from recycled bottles

    Posted on by gavril

    There are indeed better ways to put your household waste to rest instead of having it all dumped inside waste bins. The concept of recycling and upcycling waste is quickly catching on. Recently, we came across this eye-catching innovation; a … Continue reading3

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    WAC Lighting unveils OLED SOL Chandelier

    Posted on by gavril

    OLED technology has been limited to screens for quite a while now, and WAC Lighting has finally pushed it into the mainstream with the SOL Chandelier, a masterpiece of lighting and technology. With the good old filament bulb nearly reaching … Continue reading3

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    Virtue of Blue, the jaw-dropping solar powered chandelier

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve come across quite a few eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting sources before. None of them however stood out as much as this one, or stood within a yard of its aesthetic beauty. Measuring roughly about 144 x 144 x 162 … Continue reading3

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    Huge chandelier recycled out of plastic to show its wastage

    Posted on by shilpa

    If you have the money, the sense of design and the heart to save the world, you can work wonders. As is proven by artist Katherine Harvey who created a huge 21 foot tall, 15 foot wide chandelier installed at … Continue reading3

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