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    Tesla Motors and Daimler join hands to juice up Smart electric vehicles

    tesla-.jpg Tesla Motors inks out a deal with Daimler to power up 1,000 Smart electric vehicles for the year 2009. Though not much is revealed officially, the founder of Tesla Motors did mention that, “If the 1,000-vehicle fleet is successful and the economics make sense and the product is compelling, that will expand to tens of thousands of vehicles per year.” So we can only cross our fingers to see lithium powered Smart EVs in the near future. Though the deal was on cards since some time, the announcement came right in time for the Detroit Auto Show too. Though Daimler hasn’t divulged anything from their end, Tesla did hint that the battery will utilize the same lithium ion cells as its flagship, the Roadster. I’m sure more beans will be spilled out on this joint venture outcome.

    Posted in Transport on January 16, 2009
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    U.S. Army goes Green with a fleet of 4,000 electric vehicles

    In this Green Age, it’s not only the green hued uniform that will render a green touch to the U.S. Army. It’s the (possible) acquisition of 4,000 neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), the largest acquisition in the entire country that brings the Army under the green scan. And this is just a fraction of the whole package that, if materializes, will support the Army with as many as 28,000 electric vehicles to over 155 installations. For a start, swapping 4000 fuel guzzling army vehicles with fuel-efficient NEVs will help save 11 million gallons of fuel over the 6-year service life of the vehicle and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 115,000 tons.

    Posted in Transport on January 15, 2009
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    Solar and wind powered RORMaxx Formula AE sports car leaves no carbon footprint

    Powered by the sun and the wind, the RORMaxx Formula AE car can zoom from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds and drive for up to 200 miles once the batteries are fully charged. Not one but two brains are working on this eco-friendly sports car prototype that will emit zero emissions. Two 18-year-old students from Harvard-Westlake High School in California, USA, are utilizing solar panels, airflow recovery, and other modern technologies to construct an alternative energy vehicle called the Formula AE. Constructed from lightweight aluminum and super strong steel in a Formula 1-style shell, the two-seater’s bodywork boasts paper-thin solar panels that could fully charge its battery in just an hour and a half.

    Posted in Transport on January 14, 2009
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    Affordable 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid drives in the Detroit Auto Show

    At the North American International Auto Show, the Japanese automaker took the cover of its green debutant, the 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid. Though a prototype model had shown up earlier, this is the production model that will hit the shores of United States in second quarter of 2009. Powered by an advanced 1.3-liter SOHC aluminum-alloy i-VTEC engine and CVT and fitted with a new generation of Honda’s IMA hybrid system, this new green baby promises exceptional fuel economy and fun-to-drive performance. To be precise, it is estimated to render 40 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway. Though official price is unknown, the company asserts that this hybrid will cost lesser than the Civic Hybrid.
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    Lexus 2010 HS 250h – World’s first luxury hybrid unveiled at Detroit auto show

    Zooming off on the green carpet at the Detroit auto show is Lexus’ first luxury hybrid car, the 2010 HS 250h. Flaunting the title of “world’s first luxury hybrid,” this latest green baby from the house of Lexus is powered by a superior 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Consuming the fuel required by four-cylinder engine, it promises to deliver the performance of a V6. Along with a green heart, the Lexus hybrid also boasts of more green features.

    Posted in Transport on January 12, 2009
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    Audi R8 is the first all-LED car in the world

    Audi R8 zooms in as the first all-LED car in the world. Right from head lamps to daytime running lights to other indicators, the energy saving LEDs power up every light source of this vehicle. Pushing aside the battery draining halogen headlights, the four times more energy efficient LED headlights render homogenous light distribution and daylight-esque color. Such a LED headlamp heralds the eco-friendly onset of the headlamps that help to leave lesser carbon footprints. The Audi R8 also boasts of a LED footwell lighting, light and rain sensors and LED engine compartment lighting.

    Posted in Transport on January 5, 2009
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    Capella – The stylish portable electric bike folds up in to a backpack

    Every time I hit the vehicle congested city roads, I cannot stop swearing as I feel so helpless sitting behind the wheel of my fuel guzzling four wheeler waiting for the traffic to give way. But Truong Minh Nhat has actually given shape to a solution for zooming out of such a no-win situation. This industrial design student at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture has designed a lightweight, compact electric bike that can actually fold into a backpack. No hassles of getting stuck in congested roads, parking or filling the gas tank. Simply wear it on your back, ride it when needed and pack it up on reaching the destination. Inspired by the Unicorn that controls the star Capella, this portable eco-friendly bike is christened as Capella. Targeting the young generation who rate the good looks as a prime reason to buy a product, Nhat has rendered a chic touch to this vehicle.

    Posted in Transport on January 5, 2009
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    Toyota hush-hushed about a solar powered vehicle for the future

    Come 2009 and we hope to look forward to more eco-friendly vehicles hitting the road. Toyota Motors is also keeping a green vehicle under wraps. The buzz is that the car maker is working on a car that will run on sun’s energy only. Going by The Nikkei’s reports, it is known that the company is working on an electric vehicle that will get some of its power from solar cells equipped on the vehicle, and that can be recharged with electricity generated from solar panels on the roofs of homes. The newspaper also claimed that Toyota is toying with the idea of a vehicle totally powered by solar cells. Although there is no official word from the auto maker about this green-rumor, we can only wait for the leader in green technology to fulfill such green expectations in the near future.
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    Korean EV components for hybrid-electric vehicles of U.S.

    A Korean car maker is waiting to zoom in U.S. territory with its electric vehicles as well as zinc air-fuel cell battery for such gas-free vehicles. The company, Leo Motors, primarily intends to focus on EV components for hybrid-electric vehicles like the Toyota Prius. It also claims to be in authority of several technological breakthroughs that will enhance the performance of the highest-end EVs, including super cars such as the Tesla Roadster. One of such breakthroughs is a zinc air-fuel cell, or ZAFC, battery, which the company aims to commercialize by late 2009.

    Posted in Transport on December 30, 2008
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    Toyota lures city-dwellers with small electric-car concept

    As the hour demands functional, running electric vehicles, why are the car makers still toying with conceptual green cars? We need more of them hitting the production unit to hit the roads before it’s too late. To sync in with the current demand for green vehicles, Toyota too is intending to display a small battery electric-car concept at the forthcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Based on a subcompact model the Japanese auto maker asserts that the production model will be ideal for city limits. Designed for short-range driving such as everyday shopping and other errands, it isn’t fit for long-distance driving. With an estimated tag of $20,000, eco-city-drivers may need to wait for long to sit behind the wheel of this ‘small battery electric-car’.

    Posted in Transport on December 24, 2008
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