• Capella – The stylish portable electric bike folds up in to a backpack

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    Every time I hit the vehicle congested city roads, I cannot stop swearing as I feel so helpless sitting behind the wheel of my fuel guzzling four wheeler waiting for the traffic to give way. But Truong Minh Nhat has actually given shape to a solution for zooming out of such a no-win situation. This industrial design student at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture has designed a lightweight, compact electric bike that can actually fold into a backpack. No hassles of getting stuck in congested roads, parking or filling the gas tank. Simply wear it on your back, ride it when needed and pack it up on reaching the destination. Inspired by the Unicorn that controls the star Capella, this portable eco-friendly bike is christened as Capella. Targeting the young generation who rate the good looks as a prime reason to buy a product, Nhat has rendered a chic touch to this vehicle.

    Designed to run for 12 kilometers at 30 km/hr on a two hour charge, Capella needs to undergo many changes before it actually hits the commercial market. Nhat has obtained intellectual property rights and is fine-tuning the design to reduce the weight to 10 kilograms for more efficiency.
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