• Turkish students unveils Europe’s most fuel efficient vehicle

  • sahimo-1.jpg
    Now you may have the chance to own a hydrogen vehicle and also travel many kilometers with very little fuel. Students from Turkey’s Sakarya University made an attempt at creating Europe’s most fuel efficient vehicle – SAHİMO. It is a hydrogen powered vehicle that is capable of traveling 568 kilometers on 1 liter of fuel. It is a lightweight carbon fiber vehicle, weighting less than 110 kilograms and won third most efficient vehicle at the 26th Shell Eco Marathon held in Europe. The designers hope to improve SAHİMO’s performance, equipping it to reach a full 1,000 kilometers/per 1 liter of fuel, before participating in the Global Green Challenge in October.

    The students’ ultimate goal is to trek SAHİMO across 3,000 kilometers of the Australian Outback on just 3 liters of fuel in the inaugural 2009 Global Green Challenge. The cost of development for the SAHİMO was at $170,000.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 8, 2009