• Toyota’s new bunch of Prius’, a minivan, a hatchback and a plug-in join the family

  • 4.jpgThe lovable Prius has new additions to its family, with Toyota fulfilling the promise of adding new versions to the line up. the 2011 Detroit Auto Show saw the unveiling of the new Prius lineup, complete with a minivan, a plug-in version with a lithium ion battery pack and a compact hatchback that’s sure to make your jaws drop. The hatchback, christened the Prius C concept is sure to hook on urban and younger generation buyers while the Prius V minivan has a raised roof for more cargo area and is larger, casing a bit of a fuel economy loss. The Prius plug-in, does away with the standard nickel metal hydride battery pack for a lithium ion version, with a range of 13 miles under electric power and taking 1.7 hours from a 220-volt outlet to charge up.

    We just can’t stop smiling at Toyota’s newest additions to the line! We’d like to see other companies follow suit too.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: on January 11, 2011