• Toyota teams up with WiTricity to develop wireless car-charging technology

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    Just like fossil fuels, gasoline-powered cars and coal-power plants, wires too will turn obsolete in the future, thanks to wireless technology. Toyota recently formed the Wireless Battery-charging Alliance with WiTricity to give its cars a wireless-charging experience. Based in Massachusetts, WiTricity aims to use “resonance” technology to charge electric cars without the need of contact. Also, this type of technology is a lot better and more efficient than the previously hailed induction wireless technology.

    A few years in the future, you probably might not need to step out of your Prius to hook it onto a charger. Simply drive your car near one of these and watch it charge while you lay back and have your car juice up, wirelessly!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 29, 2011