• The glory of the wind, Wind Explorer travels at 88.5kmph

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    Whoever needs gasoline or any of those ever-polluting fossil fuels, when you can have a vehicle that powers up with the wind! Known as the Wind Explorer, this three-wheeled contraption is on a three-week voyage from Perth to Sydney, costing the travelers Dirk Gion and Stefan Simmerer just A$16 (£10)! This is the world’s first self-sufficient wind-powered car and uses lithium batteries. The batteries are charged up using wind turbines during the night time. Weighing in at 200kg, the car can travel at about 88.5kmph.

    The dawn of the electric car is here, and the gas-guzzlers are being slowly shouldered off the road. And as wind power catches on, along with solar energy, charging these electric cars with renewable energy seems perfect!
    Its time we bid farewell to gasoline and keep some for the museum. Cars of the future will be greener, more efficient, noise and pollution free!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 16, 2011