• The electric tuk-tuk to launch in Europe

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    They are known with several names and come in many variants around the world for public transport. Some call them tuk tuks, auto rickshaws or mototaxis these three-wheeled motorized rickshaws have been in existence in Asia, South America, Africa and Italy for ages. And its now time for these rickshaws to cross over to the European countries, staring with the Netherlands and the U.K. and other countries. Dutch-based company Tuk Tuk Factory (TTF) has now decided to bring electric tuk tuks to the European market with a green twist.

    Since the gasoline based ones could stand up against the European environmental, quality or safety requirements, they decided to make an electronic one instead. The tuk tuks come with a 15kWh lead acid battery weighing 400 pounds has give an in-city mileage of 70 to 80 kilometers. The cost between $15,110 and $19,231, and will need a Class B driver’s license.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 22, 2010