• The eco4, a solar powered train designed for Bombardier train competition

  • eco4-solar-powered-train-1.jpg
    Trains naturally work greener than road travel, given that leaving your car home and opting for mass transit does save up on a load of fuel and keeps the air clean to a certain extent too. Argentinean industrial designer Francisco Lupin designed the Inter Urban Eco Train, the eco4 for the Bombardier train competition, specifically designed to ferry business commuters and students around campuses. With no carbon emissions whatsoever, the train uses solar energy to power up its electromagnetic motors that create the propulsion and levitation for the train for a smooth and fat ride. The train also equips energy efficient LED lights and is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, using natural daylight to light up in the day time.

    That’s not all. The train also charges up your mobile phones and other devices with USB connectivity, using energy from the sun. An eco-friendly mode of transport indeed, the eco4 might just do well to humankind and the environment if ever a reality.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 17, 2011