• Tesla to install free EV chargers in Chinese customers’ homes

  • teslaIn an effort to make EVs more attractive to the masses in China, Tesla will soon offer to install free electric chargers in the homes of its Chinese customers. The auto maker’s China president Zhu Xiaotong revealed these plans shortly after Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, stated that the company’s sales in China dipped considerably during the last few months of 2014. Facts and figures haven’t pointed out just why Tesla isn’t doing as well as it expected in China, however, an add-on advantage like a home-based EV charger is bound to draw bigger crowds.

    Tesla is also looking for aid from the Chinese government in order to increase the sales of its cars as well as that of the entire EV industry in the country. Going forward, the manufacturer will begin to focus more on customer experiences to increase awareness and promote eco-friendly travel. In 2015, Tesla hopes to complete the installation of free charging stations in the homes of all of its Chinese customers, helping make their commute simpler and stress-free.

    [Via – Slashgear]

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