• Roadrunner – A trike that runs on battery

  • Roadrunner.jpg
    Amid all the futuristic bikes, cars and SUV’s, the ‘Roadrunner’ trike concept is designed to run swiftly on the runway. This extremely light weighted three-wheeler resembles a bicycle and is perfect for anyone who can’t balance yet on a two-wheeler. The bike has a long and stylish wind guard and mud visor for better visibility during rains. Also there is a special electric motor rear wheel that gets power from the lithium-polymer battery pack (other types of batteries can also be used) placed in the forward basket. By using modern carbon-fiber, the trike weighs as low as 26 Kgs. This battery powered drive and uber look body makes the ‘Roadrunner’ a worthy catch.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 22, 2009