• Orcageno – The hydrogen diesel- electric yacht will sail the seas

  • Orcageno_superyacht.jpg
    Part the waters for the Orcageno superyacht! Pharos Marine unveiled plans for this hydrogen diesel- electric yacht baby lately. The yacht has a slender hull form with an axe bow which offers lower resistance with a low entrance angle. The yacht can cruise up to a distance of 13,000 nautical miles. The minimal surface design reduces the brunt on marine life and shoreline erosion. The yacht is propelled by a hydrogen diesel-electric combustion engine that uses hydrogen fuel, a cleaner option to diesel that produces three times the energy, without leaving a trace of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide in the air.

    The hydrogen tank is safely built and isolated. It is made out of stress resistant materials to prevent any leakages of hydrogen gas. The tanks also boast leakage sensors and an emergency shut down system if any malfunction occurs. The yacht can also be propelled using diesel oil. At a speed of 10 knots in hydrogen mode, the Orcageno can swallow up 3500 nautical miles and at 18 knots; it can easily cover 1800 nautical miles. This super sleek and environment friendly yacht designed by Pharos Marine is a sure winner in the luxury boating business.

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