• Nissan’s diesel-hybrid car to give free Louis Vuitton luggage free

  • Nissan_diesel-hybrid_car.jpg
    Free Louis Vuitton luggage for every Infiniti-Essence diesel-hybrid bought. Who said the rich don’t get super cool offers? They are paying all that money after all! Nissan has come up with this great concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It is the Infiniti Essence diesel hybrid car with lithium ion batteries and a mind-blowing Louis Vuitton luggage that will come along free with it! The car will be a dashing two-seater and oozes luxury. What’s even classier is that the company hadn’t thought about a great trunk space so they got the luggage custom made to fit in well. With the combination of hybrid and diesel, the car is only meant for the cherries on top of the cream crowd and if someone does have the cash ready, then why not!

    The company hasn’t released any prices for the version they are planning to release which will feature a V6 diesel hybrid system.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 5, 2009