• Nissan Leaf rental service to kick off in Japan soon

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    If you live in Japan and plan to drive green, you can simply climb into a Nissan, with the company planning to have 400 Leaf EVs up for rent soon. 400 units of the Leaf car will be employed by the Nissan Car Rental Solutions Co Ltd for its car rental service. In February 2011, the Leaf will be up for rent at the Nissan Car Rental Solutions, and reservations will kick off mid-January. For a rental fee of ¥8,925 (approx US$108.7) for a six hour use and ¥9,975 for 12 hours, the Leaf rental service will sure pick up soon in Japan. For those who plan to stick with a Leaf for a lifetime, the car costs ¥3,764,250, a bit expensive but a money saver in the long run.

    A smart move by Nissan indeed, this car rental service is sure to inspire other electric automakers around the globe.

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