• Mercedes Benz to build hybrid fuel-efficient Pope-mobile

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    A short while from now, Holy Father, the leader of the Roman Catholic church, Pope Benedict XVI will ride in a green and eco-friendly way. The new Pope-mobile is currently being sculpted out by Mercedes Benz and will use a hybrid drivetrain. To be based on the Mercedes Benz M Class SUVs, the new Pope-mobile can go up to 16 miles at parade speed, powered by electricity enough, good enough to have the Pope go all smiles. Originally he wished for a completely-electric vehicle with solar panels, which wasn’t really possible owing to the cars fuel-drinking capabilities, with heavy-duty bullet-proofing to blame.

    And yes, it would do well, if Mercedes gives this new chariot the looks it deserves, and will hopefully not build yet another atrocious pick-up truck reminiscent of a showcase on wheels.
    [USA Today]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 24, 2011