• Lufthansa Airlines to introduce world’s first biofuel-powered passenger airplane

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    The world’s first passenger airplane, powered by biofuels, is ready to take-off and hit the skies soon. German airliner, Lufthansa, will launch the first of its kind biofuel powered passenger airplane in 2011. After years of experimentation and development, the aviation industry is finally turning to biofuels to power up passenger flights. An Airbus A321 will do the round from Hambur to Frankfurt everyday, powered by biofuel. The fuel will be produced by blending in 50% vegetable oil. Finnish oil firm, Neste Oil will supply the fuel for this one. The fuel emits 40% to 80% lesser greenhouse gases than the usual fuel used.

    We wish Lufthansa Airlines a happy eco-friendly journey across the skies and hope that other airlines around the world will adopt the use of biofuels too!
    [Treehugger And Huffingtonpost]

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