• London’s on-demand valet service now offer to charge your EV before parking

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    Electric Vehicles (EVs) are soon going to be flooding our streets and alleyways. London’s on-demand valet parking service, Vallie, has acknowledged this fact and is set to enhance the experience for EV owners. On invoking the app, a pre-checked driver will show up on a kick scooter to take your car to one of the company’s parking facilities. Nothing new there. However, from now on, you can also leverage additional services which includes MOT check, electric charging for your EV, petrol refills for gas-powered cars and car washes as well. That’s a lot of things to look forward to from a valet service. It’s like getting everything done for your car when you have no need for it.

    The Vallie app covers the area from King’s Cross St. Pancras Station in the North to Whitechapel in the East and Marble Arch Station in the West. It rims the Thames, which means that nearly all of Central London is within its grasp.

    [ Via : Autoblog ]

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