• London’s iconic taxi fleet to go green with the Fuel Cell Hybrid taxi by 2012

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    London’s iconic black cabs are now all set to go green. A fleet of these hybrid green black cabs will hit the asphalt in London by 2012. This is part of London’s plan to have all its taxis emissions free by the year 2020. The City Hall saw the veil being pulled of a prototype of a Fuel Cell Hybrid taxi. The city is currently hoping to have a cleaner atmosphere and a better quality of air for its citizens to breath in. they plan to do so by cutting fumes and emissions of busses and taxis.

    Unlike its ancestors which spewed fumes into the air, the new hybrid London cab just emits water from its tailpipe, without an ounce of pollution in it. With a top speed of 80mph and a drivable range of 250 miles, the all new Fuel Cell hybrid tax charges up in just 5 minutes. The entire fleet will hit London roads by next year, 2012. In a little while from now, the next London cab u flag down could be an environment hugging one.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 8, 2010