• Lighting Hybrid unveils its bio diesel fueled hydraulic hybrid vehicle

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    Lightning Hybrids has come up with a design of a 90hp bio diesel fueled vehicle that they claim ‘will break the 100MPG barrier for a production sedan’. This hydraulic hybrid prototype will feature a 150 HP hydraulic motor/pump and accumulator system, a carbon fiber chassis and will be able to go form 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds. The makers are hoping that this design will make them achieve the $10 million automotive x-prize. Team leader of Lightning Hybrids is reported to have said that ‘it is a unique and patent-pending bio diesel hydraulic hybrid vehicle which emphasizes thermodynamic and hydraulic system efficiencies, lightweight mechanical and composite structures, and clean sports car styling.

    The vehicle will be officially launched at the Denver Auto Show this April. Plans are on to release it by 2010 with prices ranging between $39,000 and $59,000.