• Leaos electric bicycle charges itself with the sun

  • e-bike-3There are countless benefits of riding a bicycle instead of driving around in a gas-guzzling four-wheeler. More importantly, these green contraptions are a great way to get around without polluting your immediate environment, while helping you stay fit. To top it all, electric bicycles like the Leaos, make sure you can travel farther, on foot-power! These handmade bicycles from Italy are the brainchild of Armin Oberhollenzer, and are built in collaboration with Italian industrial designer Francesco Sommacal.

    To add to its design practicality, the Leaos’ prototypes are built completely from carbon fiber. Built to last and packed with all the right edges and angles, the Leaos bicycles look great and are brilliant to use too! To add to it all, these bikes come with solar panels, enabling them to charge up as you ride away in the sunshine. The energy stored can then be used to power the bicycle’s electric propulsion system!



    [Via – 2Luxury2]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 26, 2015