• Ken Keiffer’s solar and battery powered Rawhide Express chugs along merrily

  • solar-and-battery-powered-Rawhide-Express.jpg
    We all love those little toy trains, and we just couldn’t help smiling after watching this one go buy. Ken Keiffer, a former marketing executive gave up his perfect job for something a lot more enjoyable, conducting the Rawhide Express. This little train is green too, and uses batteries and energy from the sun to chug around. The train travels to festivals, fairs and other events and is currently at the village of Bridgeport, having arrived there a day after Thanksgiving. The train uses six car-like batteries, each with an 8-volt capacity and a 72-volt solar panel system that helps pull it through sunny weather. All this energy helps Keiffer’s little train pull two 3,500 pounds each passenger cars around.

    Now we know why Ken gave up his stressful job as a marketing executive! Who wouldn’t, when there’s driving a green energy powered train around as an optional vocation!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 23, 2010