• Hyundai 2020 family city car by Nicolas Stone unveiled

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    As does the plants grow, so does the engines. Seems to be the message the Hyundai 2020 family city car designer Nicolas Stone had to say when he unveiled it recently. Based on MIT’s compact car with a plug-in hybrid. The exterior will have solar panels to collect energy for generating electricity. Similar to the plants, the car is powered by a photosynthesis artificial system. In the layman terms or as the designer explains it, ‘the vehicle uses electricity to stimulate a central water tank, splitting the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gets stored in special reserve tanks, while the oxygen gets expelled into the air as exhaust.’ Other features of this wonder car include a sleek, mono-volume design for optimal interior space and utility, layered body panels, unique headlight/side mirror units and offset seating that allows elbow space for occupants.

    Stone says that the to construct the exterior functions by re-directing light to the edges, he designed the roof panel to act like a canopy, suspended over the roof pillars mimicking a shade or visor. He has designed the car to give it not just a happy face look, but also headlights and side mirrors extending out like eyes. A design very futuristic and interesting. Lets see a better fate for this one.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 14, 2009