• Honda’s first fuel cell car, Clarity, goes on sale

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    There was much talk when we first heard about Honda’s very first fuel cell car last year. The car, with its promise of a cleaner, greener future has already made in-roads to customer segments. It has gone up for sale in select markets across Japan. The hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle has impressed many with the technology in the drive. Over the years it has been enhanced to meet the demands of the millennial and can now drive to a range of 460 miles on a single tank of 70MPa compressed hydrogen. The early challenge that the car’s owners may face is the fact that there are very few hydrogen fuelling stations. This shouldn’t be a deterrent though. Electric cars once faced the same problem but the number of electric charging points have gone up significantly in the last couple of years.

    The company announced that the car will be sold through select dealers in the United States. It will be coming to Los Angeles, Sacramento, Orange County and the Bay Area. One report states that customers will be able to lease the cars for about $500 a month. For outright purchases potential customers can always check for the best finance options on AAACreditguide.com.

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